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                            青島希尼爾翻譯公司(www.jdzzqp.icu)2015年10月14日了解到:戴維?卡梅倫(David Cameron)正在歐洲大陸奔波,顯然并不知道自己想要在2016年或2017年全民公投之前大肆吹噓的重新談判中實現什么。如果首相認為他可以削弱工人的權利、并指望人民對歐洲的好感能讓英國留在歐盟,那他就大錯特錯了。The orthodoxy has failed — Europe needs a new economic settlement
                            David Cameron is traversing Europe, apparently without much idea of what he wants to achieve in his much-feted renegotiation ahead of a referendum in 2016 or 2017. If the prime minister thinks he can weaken workers’ rights and expect goodwill towards Europe to keep us in the EU, he is making a great mistake.

                            Mr Cameron’s support for a bill that would weaken the trade unions, and the cutting of tax credits this week, show that employment rights are under attack. One can imagine that the many rights we derive from European legislation, which underpins paid holidays, working time protection and improved maternity and paternity leave, are under threat too. 卡梅倫日前支持一項將會削弱工會、削減稅收抵免的議案,這表明就業權利正遭到攻擊。人們可以想象,我們從歐盟法律獲得的許多權利——它們帶來帶薪假期、工作時間保護以及更優厚的產假和陪產假——也受到威脅。

                            There is a widely shared feeling that Europe is something of an exclusive club, rather than a democratic forum for social progress. Tearing up our rights at work would strengthen that view. Labour will oppose any attempt by the Conservative government to undermine rights at work — whether in domestic or European legislation. 目前有一種普遍的感覺認為,歐盟只是某種形式的高級俱樂部,而非推動社會進步的民主論壇。毀掉我們在工作場所的權利將會強化這種觀點。工黨將反對保守黨政府削弱工作場所權利的任何嘗試——無論涉及國內法律還是歐盟法律。

                            Our shadow cabinet is also clear that the answer to any damaging changes that Mr Cameron brings back from his renegotiation is not to leave the EU but to pledge to reverse those changes with a Labour government elected in 2020. 我們影子內閣也很明確:面對卡梅倫的重新談判帶來的所有破壞性變化,正確的答案不是離開歐盟,而是承諾由2020年當選的工黨政府逆轉這些變化。

                            Workplace protections are vital to protect both migrant workers from being exploited and British workers from being undercut. Stronger employment rights also help good employers, who would otherwise face unfair competition from less scrupulous businesses. We will be in Europe to negotiate better protection for people and businesses, not to negotiate them away. 工作場所保護機制對于保護移民工人免受剝削、保護英國工人免遭不公平競爭都是至關重要的。更強大的就業權利也有利于好的雇主,否則的話,他們將面對不那么規范的企業帶來的不公平競爭。我們將留在歐盟,通過談判為人民和企業爭取更好的保護,而不是在談判中喪失這些保護。

                            Too much of the referendum debate has been monopolised by xenophobes and the interests of corporate boardrooms. Left out of this debate are millions of ordinary British people who want a proper debate about our relationship with the EU. We cannot continue down this road of free-market deregulation, which seeks to privatise public services and dilute Europe’s social gains. Draft railway regulations that are now before the European Parliament could enforce the fragmented, privatised model that has so failed railways in the UK. 太多的全民公投辯論被仇外者以及企業董事會的利益壟斷。被這場辯論遺忘的是數百萬普通英國人,他們想要一場針對英國與歐盟關系的合理辯論。我們無法繼續沿著自由市場放松管制這條路走下去,因為那將導致公共服務私有化,稀釋歐盟的社會收益。歐洲議會眼下在討論的鐵路法規草案可能帶來各自為政的私有化模式,這種模式已經搞砸了英國的鐵路服務。

                            The proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership that is being negotiated behind closed doors between the EU and the US, against which I have campaigned, is another example of this damaging approach. There is no future for Europe if we engage in a race to the bottom. We need to invest in our future and harness the skills of Europe’s people. 歐盟和美國正在不公開談判的《跨大西洋貿易和投資伙伴關系協定》(TTIP)——我一直明確反對這項擬議中的協定——是這種破壞性方式的又一例證。如果我們投入一場逐底競賽,歐洲將沒有未來。我們需要投資于自己的未來,充分利用歐洲人的各項技能。

                            The treatment of Greece has appalled many who consider themselves pro-European internationalists. The Greek debt is simply not repayable, the terms are unsustainable and the insistence that the unpayable be paid extends the humanitarian crisis in Greece and the risks to all of Europe. The current orthodoxy has failed. We need a new economic settlement. 希臘的遭遇使很多自認為是親歐洲的國際主義者感到震驚。希臘的債務根本無法還清,紓困條款不可持續,而堅持要求無力償債的國家還債的做法,加重了希臘的人道主義危機,也給歐洲整體帶來風險。當前的正統觀念已經失敗。我們需要一種新的經濟安排。

                            We should be grateful to Gordon Brown who as chancellor kept the UK out of the single currency, when other cabinet members were arguing that we should join. From our position outside the eurozone, we can and must influence EU economic reform. We must work with the 11 EU nations that are co-operating to bring in a financial transactions tax. Unlike the current chancellor, who wasted taxpayers’ money in a failed legal case to block the tax, we would participate in negotiations to discuss how we can better regulate the financial sector and raise revenues. 我們應該感謝戈登?布朗(Gordon Brown)在擔任財政大臣期間拒絕讓英國加入歐元區(當時其他內閣成員辯稱我們應該加入)。從我們身處歐元區以外的地位,我們能夠(而且必須)對歐盟的經濟改革施加影響。我們必須與11個正在合作出臺金融交易稅的歐盟國家協作。與現任財政大臣(將納稅人的錢浪費于一起試圖阻止金融交易稅、最終敗訴的法律案件)不同,我們將參與談判,討論如何能更好地監管金融行業,提高財政收入。

                            Labour is clear that we should remain in the EU. But we too want to see reform. Last week farmers from across the continent protested in Brussels. The common agricultural policy needs reform so that it does less to subsidise landowners and more to help farmers and rural economies. Europe is the only forum in which we can address key challenges for our country, like climate change, terrorism, tax havens and, most recently, the mass movement of refugees from the violence in Syria seeking sanctuary and hope in Europe. We will not win friends and influence in Europe if we refuse to pull our weight. 工黨很明確,我們應當留在歐盟。但我們也希望看到改革。最近,來自歐洲大陸各地的農民在布魯塞爾舉行抗議。共同農業政策需要改革,以減少對土地所有者的補貼,多為農民和農村經濟提供幫助。只有置身歐盟之中,英國才能應對自身面臨的種種關鍵挑戰——氣候變化、恐怖主義、避稅天堂以及最近為逃離敘利亞戰亂而涌入歐洲尋求庇護和希望的大量難民。如果我們拒絕出力,我們將無法在歐盟贏得朋友和影響力。

                            Labour wants to see change in Europe that delivers for Europe’s people. We want to be better partners, and put our demands to make Europe better. We will make the case through Labour MEPs in the European Parliament, and our relationships with sister social democratic parties, trade unions and other social movements across Europe. 工黨希望看到在歐盟看到真正造福于歐洲人民的改革。我們希望能成為更好的合作伙伴,提出我們的要求,使歐盟變得更美好。我們將通過歐洲議會的工黨議員、我們與其他國家姊妹社會民主黨的關系、工會和歐洲各地的其他社會運動提出自己的主張。

                            If Mr Cameron fails to deliver a good package or one that reduces the social gains we have previously won in Europe, he needs to understand that Labour will renegotiate to restore our rights and promote a socially progressive Europe. 如果卡梅倫拿不出一套好的方案,或者只能拿出一個減少了我們在歐洲本已取得的社會進步的計劃,他需要明白,工黨將重開談判,以恢復我們的權利,推動歐洲社會進步。

                            The writer is the leader of the British Labour party 本文作者是英國工黨領導人


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